Humans are tribal creatures. Whether you are Apache or AEPi, everyone parties with a particular wolf pack. This is why we are excited to release a new feature which makes it really simple to invite groups to Hotspots.

You can create a group in seconds. Add a group name and select the friends you want to be in it.

Now when you set a hotspot you can invite the whole group in a single tap. If you’re a social butterfly you can extend the invitation to multiple groups.


The human talent for assembling likeminded individuals can be used for both good and evil. The same instinct which resulted in history’s greatest meeting of minds at Solvay was also responsible for the marches of hate in Nuremberg. Get your friends to come, but get them to come in peace.


Facebook Events Suck!

Events matter.

Swapping stories over drinks is better than swapping “likes” over newsfeed. Social media enables us to neglect these real-life encounters, but these encounters are still important. They help us develop and express friendship in real life.

While Facebook enabled this social mediafiction of friendship, its “events” section also made it easier to get groups of friends together. For awhile it worked. So it’s too bad that Facebook events have begun to suck.

Events aren’t fun if people don’t show up. People don’t show up if they don’t see the invitation. Facebook Events have become spammy making it less likely that people see sincere invitations. This month, for example, my “friends” on Facebook mass-invited me to events ranging from a wine tasting in California to a renaissance fair in Idaho.

In response to this spam, we turn off event notifications or worse just expect that every invite is crap. Either way we tend to miss or overlook the good stuff.

It isn’t surprising that Facebook Events became a spammer’s paradise. The bar for a “friend” on Facebook is so low and selecting them all is so easy. Facebook Events is a failure because it’s built on a shoddy foundation.

This is why we avoided Facebook and built Hotspot on top of cell phone numbers instead. When you text your friends, you guarantee that your friends see your invitation. And since you only give your number to people you trust, you’re less likely to get spammed. Compared to Facebook, texting is more private, more reliable, and more effective.

Events matter and Facebook Events just isn’t cutting it.


Big Update: Set Hotspots Whenever!

photo 6Your Hotspots are about to get even hotter.

Since we launched the app in December, people have asked to set Hotspots for any day they want. My sister even went rogue to make the point.  She threatened to boycott her brother’s app because she couldn’t use Hotspot to invite classmates to go hiking that coming weekend.

Well we finally relented and after a few weeks of testing we can officially certify that it’s awesome.  Sis, this time you were right.

So now whether you want go hiking, to a bar… or a Bar Mitzvah.  We’re here for you.


Our New Look

Our New Look!We’ve freshened up our look!

It’s now faster to set new Hotspots and to see existing Hotspots.

This update makes Hotspot even simpler to use.  We’re excited to have you check it out.

My favorite feature just got (way) better.

photo 12Hotspot doesn’t just tell you who says they’ll come.  Hotspot actually shows you who’s there.

It’s one of my favorite features.  When I’m figuring out my Friday night, the what, the where, and the when don’t matter as much.  The “who’s there” is what matters most.  The “who’s there” helps you meet up with the right people and avoid the wrong people (say, your ex).

So we’re excited to share this update.  It makes checking in smarter and more reliable so the list of who’s at each Hotspot is stunningly accurate .

Feel free to email us at!

Hotspot NYE Contest. Win $100!

Here at Hotspot, New Year’s Eve is our favorite holiday.  Who doesn’t have fond memories of failing to find someone drunk enough to make out with you when the ball drops, then strapping a party hat on your friend’s Cocker Spaniel and letting him lick your mouth?  To celebrate this holiest of holidays we are holding our first ever Hotspot contest – $100 to the social butterfly who throws the hottest New Years Eve party!

The rules are simple:

  • Set a Hotspot on December 31st.
  • Get more invites to your Hotspot than anyone else (your friends can help invite!)
  • Win an $100 Amazon gift certificate.

There’s no better way to start the New Year than waking up on the floor, wiping the champagne drool from your chin, and discovering that you won $100. For questions about the contest, hit us up at

The New Hotspot: Unapologetically Fabulous

The latest version of Hotspot has a bunch of great improvements the whole family can enjoy.

photo-1You can now update and delete hotspots after you’ve created them.  Jumping to a bar with better music?  Need extra time to prepare hors d’oeuvres for your party?  No problem!  Just change the time or location of a hotspot with a few quick taps.

We hope you enjoy what has to be our most exciting update yet.  Thanks for all your feedback and support so far.  Keep it coming at